Bottle Brush For Your Kitchen Tools

Why do you need our bottle brush? If you’ve handwashed and dish-washed your water bottles and still can’t rid their stale orders, I’m about to change your life right now. I struggled with the same problem and even considered tossing my favorite bottles at one point. No sponge was able to fit past the opening, preventing a deep clean my bottles so desperately needed. Baking soda rinse? Still cloudy.

So, I looked into the market to find a brush that was designed just for this job. I finally landed on a long-bottle brush which promised to clean beer, wine, and sports bottles, baby bottles, vases, teapots, tumblers, thermos, and beyond. When I found these bottle brushes I just knew I had to bring them to the market.

Let me tell you: my bottles are squeaky clean, and most importantly, odor free! The 16-inch brush is the perfect size for my 25-ounce S’well bottle and 17-ounce Soma bottle. And its bristles truly reach every crevice, thanks to the bendable handle.

If you only rinse your bottles or throw them inside the dishwasher, I can almost promise you that they’re not as sanitary as you think they are. Think about it: they’re constantly wet, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Do yourself a favor, and get one of these cleaning brushes ASAP — seriously.


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