Silicone, the Safe Choice!

While not a “100% natural” material like rubber, food-grade silicone is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off-gassing, hazardous chemicals – unlike plastics, which contaminate food in these environments. Silicone is also odor- and stain-resistant, hypoallergenic.  It has a smooth surface making it very easy to clean. It’s the perfect material for eco-friendly and non-toxic baby products, because it is soft life rubber and does not break.

Mama’s Healthy Babies decided to create our products with silicone for these very reasons.  We wanted our products to have all the best features of safety combine with the ease of use silicone offers.  Our products make play time or feeding time fun for both you and the baby.  Our products don’t just make things fun, clean up is easier as well.

See what products Mama’s Healthy Babies offers you to help make your life easier.  You can also see our reviews about our products on Amazon.



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