Save our Planet – Avoid Plastic · Use Silicone

Innovative Technology Products Corp. Inc., is committed to utilize its creativity, design and engineering resources and capacities to develop and /or redefine versatile reusable household helpers and other everyday consumer products.

One of our driving motivations is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, which contribute to reducing energy production and consumption, and, which provide acceptable alternatives for replacing the existing single-use-plastics based throw-away-economy.

For helping our family and friends, our customers, to save money we try hard to bring to you such products and solutions at affordable and economic prices. The benefit for you is simple: saving money, when purchasing from our selection of sustainable and reusable products, while at the same time, doing something good for environmental protection.

Our commitment is also our guiding motto: “AVOID PLASTIC · USE SILICONE” is the first step, it indicates our approach and contribution to protect open and ocean waters from micro-plastic and plastic pollution. Adopting and supporting this approach means purchasing reusable silicone products or consumer articles made from other sustainable material instead of continuously buying

Your decision as a consumer is also a statement towards industry, market, and politics: yes, we can exit mindless throw-away-economy consumption patterns. And this is more than just a signal – it is your precious contribution making you a part of the community and campaigning with us in order to “SAVE OUR PLANET”.